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Beef Knuckles

Porter & York’s Flank Steak is aged 28 days for a full beef flavor. Our butchers hand-cut, trim and fully clean your steaks the day we ship them to you. It is best when marinade, grilled, and sliced thin against the grain.

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Buy Beef Knuckles
Top-of-the-line wholesale beef knuckles from us are a delight to prepare and serve as a main course or side for your next family get-together.

– Beef Knuckles are imported from Uruguay, Ireland and New Zealand.
– Our wholesale Beef Knuckles are available in cases of 50lbs.
– Beef Knuckles meet all culinary Health and Safety Requirements.

Buy Beef Knuckles from a Wholesaler
These wholesale beef knuckles will arrive frozen and are ready to cook with your signature rubs and sauces with either moist or dry heat. Wholesale beef knuckles are great tasting with any sauce and preparation method. Experiment today! Known by several names including beef ball tip roast, sirloin tip roast, French tip roast, and French roll roast, the Beef knuckle is a versatile cut of meat from the round primal cut or rear of the animal.

Buy Beef Knuckles from a Supplier
One wholesale beef knuckle weighs 12 to 16 pounds, which is enough to be cut into multiple servings. It can be carved into several other cuts, including kebabs and minute steaks. Stir fry, oven-roasted and stew meat are popular options for beef knuckle.

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