Betel Nuts

Betel Nuts

The most traditional use of these nuts (seeds) is in the ritual chewing of the “betel-quid.” This habit is very widespread throughout Asia, India and the Pacific, making it one of the most popular seeds in the world.

Generally the the betel-quid is a small morsel consisting of a quarter betel seed (crushed), a pinch of lime, spices like cardamom or nutmeg for flavor all wrapped in a betel leaf (Piper betle). On some Pacific Islands it is traditional for the men to also add tobacco into the package.

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We are a Leading Exporter of Dried Betel nut. Our main products are:

1) Whole White Betel nut: produced from actual mature Betel palm in natural red or yellow shell. This grade is the most popular form of betel nut in the market. Our goods quality is nearly the same as Thailand origin, but smaller in size.

2) Slice Betel Nut: is produced from Young to Pre-mature Betel palm (Not too young and not actually old). Its appearance looks like a coin, thin and flat, uniform in size, in brown-reddish color.

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3) Split Young: This grade of betel nut is produced from young Betel fruit. This is one of the highest quality and most expensive betel nut in the market because it is very soft and have a good taste. Its appearance looks like a small disk, uniform in size, shriveled surface, in brown-reddish color

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4) Rejection quality: In production and classify process have rejected high volume of low quality betel nut from our main quality. This quality consist of: broken pieces, end and top pieces, mature pieces

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5) Other grade: Beside mentioned grades, we also have some un-popular grades such as Boiled Split young, Boiled Slice young, Slice very thin,– Chinese betel nut (Baby betel fruit with whole cover), Frozen Betel nut

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– Supply ability: 2,500 -3,000 MTS/year for all grades.
– Loading: 13 – 18.0 MTS / Cont20ft
– Shipment: Within 1 week after confirm.
– Package: Net 60kg, Gunny bags (Or per request)
– Price: Cheapest

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