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Type: Copper Ingot
Application: Industrial
Material: Red Copper
Shape: Square
Alloy: Alloy
Color: Red
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Copper Ingot 99.99% Purity

Copper Ingot 99.99% Purity. Distributor of copper (master alloys) ingots including bronze and nickel silver. Available in semi-finished forms and high-volume mill direct and small-volume quantities. Provides after-sales services including specialized supply, JIT, and VMI programs, customs clearances, door-to-door deliveries, contract documentation, and customized packaging.

1> Material: Copper
2> Width: 305-1000 (mm)
3> Length: 800-2500 (mm)

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  • Copper electrolytic purification: the coarse copper (containing 99% copper) pre-made into a thick plate as an anode, made of copper as a cathode to sulfuric acid. (H2SO4) and copper sulfate (CuSO4) as the electrolyte. After energization, copper is dissolved from the anode into copper ions (Cu) to the cathode.
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  • A boat is suitable for low-grade copper oxide, produced by the fine copper called electrodeposited copper. Modern wet smelting has sulfated roasting – leaching – electrodeposition, leaching – extraction – electrowinning, bacterial leaching and other methods, suitable for low – grade complex ore, copper oxide, copper-containing waste ore heap leaching, trough selection or To leach.

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COPPER ( Cu ) 99.951- 99.981%
Lead  (Pb) 0.0000%
Zinc  (Zn) 0.0000-0.0001%
Phosphorus  (P) 0.014 – 0.016%
Iron  (Fe) Iron (Fe)
Aluminum (Al) 0.0000 – 0.0001%
Silicon(Si ) 0.0000 %
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