Pine Lumber

Pine Lumber

Species: Pine
Scientific Names: Pinus Sylvestris | Pinus resinosa | Pinus radiata


  1.     0.30 to 0.95 m timber sub-short (TASS)
  2.     1.00 to 1.70 m short timber (TAS)
  3.     1.80 to 2.00 m long timber (TAL)
  4.     2.10 to 3.00 m long super-timber (TAL +)
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Pine Lumber is by far the most commercially important timber species in the history of forestry. It is a conifer that is part of the Pinaceae plants and the genus is composed of over 120 different pine seeds. Pine is a very flexible wood, durable and available in a variety of colors, and used for numerous purposes.

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Pine is a type of wood that has many uses. They are of great value to carpenters of all kinds, such as pine furniture making, window and door frames, siding, pine floors, roofs, and more. Read on to see how handy pine is for construction work.

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Pine is suitable for furniture projects. It is known for its rigidity and impact resistance after coniferous trees. Many carpenters prefer knotted pine and plywood though it may be a little expensive compared to plywood.

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Its hardness, color, impact resistance, and wood grain are essential properties for better furniture. All of these properties are found in pine wood. However, some species of pine are considered unsuitable for furniture though in most cases, pine is a good choice.

For flooring

The pine floor adds warmth to the house. It does not feel as brittle as other hardwoods and is relatively soft. Pine parquet is usually available in groove plates of various qualities. Clear or premium pine boards are almost flawless. It also lacks a little personality.

Types of pine lumber

Soft pine is characterized by low-density, fine-grained, small resin channels, and even-grained pine. The trees in this group are mainly white coniferous pine, with light brown heartwood and a faint pink tinge. This means that the transition from early to late trees is slower and there is less growth pain. Soft pine includes species such as sugar pine, western white pine, eastern white pine, and limber pine.

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