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Two Joint Chicken Wings

The Two Joint Chicken Wings available at is equally scrumptious as well as juicy as our solitary joint poultry wings. Perfect for roasting and various other procedures, our two joint poultry wings make sure an amazing flavor and great juiciness. Get prepared to try them with various dishes as soon as you get tasty and also very fresh two joint hen wings from us!

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Quality Two Joint Chicken Wings

While you utilize our 2 joint chicken wings, you can remain guaranteed to transform them into any kind of recipe of your selection. Place your order today as well as we will certainly deliver you your 2 Joint Chicken Wings in the Best condition, Top Quality and also product packaging. We provide grade-A frozen poultry wings in 2 joints in Bulk. All wingtips are removed from the wings.

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More so, These chickens are Free from Salmonella meeting High food safety standards to make them more comfortable for consumption. The 2 joint wings (Buffalo) are delicious pieces of chicken that are specifically known as favorite parts during consumption. These wings are freshly frozen coming from Brazil. genetically engineered grains, antibiotics, hormones or any type of other growth-promoting medicines.

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Frozen Chicken  Wing Tips

Average Weight: 30-50 grams

Packaging: 15Kg Carton

Payload: 27 MT/ 40′ container

Grade chicken Joint wings | Buy Two Joint Chicken Wings Cheap

For Frozen Chicken 2 Joint Wing – Chicken Wing 2 Joints, You are at the right wholesale frozen chicken wings supplier.

Frozen Chicken Mid  Wing

Average Weight: 80-130 grams

Packaging: 15 Kg Carton

Payload: 27 MT/ 40′ container

Halal Certified Quality 2 Joint Chicken Wings

Premium Frozen Chicken Parts Grade A made in Brazil, We produce and supply the best quality of Grade A 2 Joint Chicken Wings and other parts. Our company team is directly connected with chicken factories in Brazil. 2 Joint Chicken Wings. 

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Halal Certified 2 Joint Chicken Wings Free from SalmonellaWe firmly stick to excellent quality and nothing less than that! We maintain best quality in our various Frozen Chicken Parts Range so that every buyer who places an order at stays absolutely happy and satisfied with our products.

Certification HALAL, ISO
Feature Nutritious, Low-Fat
Freezing Process IQF, -18°C and lower
Grade Premium Grade
MOQ 27 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Model Number TK_0001
Quality Best Quality
Style Frozen
Shelf Life 24 Months
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