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  1. Contains Barley
  2. Brewed in the UK under agreement from brasseries Kronenbourg SAS Strasbourg
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Kronenbourg 1664 is a Premium Lager at 5.0%. It is brewed with the aromatic Strisselspalt hop from Alsace, which gives it a unique aroma and satisfying taste. All of which makes it the superior-tasting premium lager. Kronenbourg 1664 is a full-bodied, golden, bittersweet lager with a distinct citrus hop flavor. A Taste Supreme.

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For ultimate refreshment always drink chilled. The perfect drink for when you want to savor a special beer to enhance quality time with friends or family Given its taste profile, it is great alongside food or enjoyed on its own. Kronenbourg 1664’s pleasure is in its light lemon and herbal flavors from the Alsace hops, and clean bittersweet finish. We’ve cut our emissions when making our beers and ciders by 68% since 2008

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With 350 years of brewing experience, Kronenbourg was founded by master brewer Jerome Hatt in 1664. Kronenbourg 1664 is brewed using the Strisselspalt hop, known as the ‘caviar’ of hops. It is the rarest and most delicate of the noble hops.

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The white oval center and red ribbons in the Kronenbourg 1664 logo are inspired by the French “cocarde Tricolore”, the symbol of the French Republic used during the Revolution in the late 18th Century.

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