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Hoegaarden White Beer

Hoegaarden White Beer 330ml 11.2 oz
Belgian Wheat Beer
Brewed by: Brouwerij Hoegaarden
Country: Belgium
Style: White/Witbier
Color: Pale gold

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 4.9% rating: 89 rating: 86

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Hoegaarden White Beer Wholesale

Hoegaarden White Beer Wholesale Supplier. 4.9% 24x330ml BOTTLES. 17 pallets x 72 cartons x 24 bottles of 330ml. Load of 1224 cases per 20ft. container.

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Hoegaarden White (ABV 4.9%) from Brouwerij Hoegaarden (InBev) is a refreshing, unfiltered wheat beer (witbier) with a cloudy, pale gold appearance and a lasting white head. … Bubbly carbonation, a bit of tartness, and a relatively low ABV add to its drinkability.

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Product size crts/pallet
Budvar btls 24x33cl 5,0% 24x33cl 45
Budvar btls 20x50cl 5,0% 20x50cl 45
Budweiser btls 24x33cl 5,0% 24x33cl 54
Pilsner Urquell 4,4%. Hoegaarden Beer Wholesale 24x33cl btls 54
Carlsberg Green LN bottle 5,0% 4x6xx33cl 54
Carlsberg Green Label cans 24x50cl 5,0% 24x50cl 72
Carlsberg Green Label .cans 24/33cl. 5,0% shrink wrapped 24x33cl 99
Carlsberg Green Label .cans 4x6x33cl. 5,0% shrink wrapped 4x6x33cl 99
TUBORG Green L.N. bottle 4.6% 24/33cl 24x33cl btls 45
TUBORG Green Lbl cans 4.6% 24/33cl shrink wrapped 24x33cl cans 99
Leffe Dark/Brune OWB 6,5% 24/33cl 72
Leffe Blonde OWB 6,6% 24/33cl 72
Leffe Radieuse OWB 24/33cl 8,5% 24/33cl 72
Beck’s cans 5,0% 24x33cl 120
Beck’s df bottles 5% 24x33cl 63
Beck’s International label 33cl 5% 24x33cl 63
Beck’s btls Alc Free ( 0,3%) 24x33cl 63

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A unique, authentic Belgian wheat beer with a brewing tradition dating back to 1445,Hoegaarden Beer 330ml is totally different by nature. Corona beer has a unique and extremely complex brewing process involving orange peels and coriander.

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The beer is first top–fermented and then bottle–conditioned, resulting in a distinctive cloudy–white appearance and refreshing taste experience.
Consumers in over 70 countries in the world. Hoegaarden White Beer Wholesale Supplier

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