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What is a carrot? It is a highly nutritious root vegetable. Carrots are typically orange, but some varieties are in purple, white, and yellow colors.

Carrot farming started in China and Northwestern Europe in the 13th century. It spread to other parts of the world during the early colonial settlement period (the 1600s – 1763).

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About the Product

  • A popular sweet-tasting root vegetable, Carrots are narrow and cone-shaped.
  • They have thick, fleshy, deeply colored root, which grows underground, and feathery green leaves that emerge above the ground.
  • While these greens are fresh tasting and slightly bitter, the carrot roots are crunchy textured with a sweet and minty aromatic taste.

Benefits | Buy Carrots from a Wholesaler

  • Carrots provide the highest content of vitamin A in all vegetables.
  • Brightly orange-colored carrots have pigments like carotenoids and flavonoids, that provide several antioxidants and act as a defense against cancer.
  • They aid in maintaining oral health and also decrease the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

Storage and Uses | Buy Carrots from a Supplier

  • Refrigerate carrots in a mesh bag. Alternatively to retain freshness and for more longevity, trim off the greens and put whole carrots in a container of water and refrigerate. With this method, they stay nice and crunchy.
  • If the water starts to look cloudy, change it to fresh water. Stored this way, carrots can last for even a month with no ill effects and do not wilt easily.
  • Carrots have a mild, pleasant flavor that is great by themselves or blended with other foods.
  • They are even good for stuffings and in making sauces.
  • Carrot juice is said to be one of the healthiest drinks. Carrot halwa is the most popular Indian sweet made out of this vegetable.
  • Do look up carrot jam as well.
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