Cowboy Steak

Cowboy Steak

Our Beef Cowboy Steak made for people to enjoy & share the experience of a really delicious steak on the bone at home!

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The Beef Cowboy Steak is a little different than a Cote de Beouf, a rib roast steak, or a bone-in Ribeye steak because we only have a small amount of the bone left on to give better value for money. You still get the “on the bone flavor ” & easy carving but you don’t pay for large amounts of bone to throw away after the cook. These are smaller than their big brother, the Beef Tomahawk Steak which has the long bone exposed for extra theatre & being able to hang through the bone over the barbecue.

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The Sherwood Beef Cowboy Steak has been fully prepared for you, it will save you time & money because you are not having to pay for excess fat or gristle that you would then have to throw away. Buying this ready-prepared sharing steak will give you true value for money as this gives a more generous steak for your pound or Euro.

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The texture of the ribeye is a little coarse & has immense flavor because of this & will give amazing results every time. The beef will become very tender, easy to slice & soft to chew whilst enjoying the rich flavor of our grass-fed beef. The nature of RibEyesteak has a little marbling through it that makes the meat more tender, increases the flavor & keeps it moist during your cook.

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Our Beef Cowboy Steak is produced in a clean, temperature-controlled cutting room where the air is filtered because it will give the best fresh-cut product for guaranteed results at home. The lower temperatures will help prevent excessive moisture loss through the steak bleeding & also reduce natural bacteria growth to give a more natural flavor & a juicier steak. The more hygienic cutting environment will give the steak a much longer shelf life & help it retain its deep rich red color.

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