Rack Steak

Rack Steak

Porter & York’s Flank Steak is aged 28 days for a full beef flavor. Our butchers hand-cut, trim and fully clean your steaks the day we ship them to you. It is best when marinade, grilled, and sliced thin against the grain.

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Our Frenched 8 Rib Rack of Elk weighs 2.5 to 3.3 Lbs. Farm-raised New Zealand Elk.

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Rack of Elk is cherry dark in color, coarsely grained and mild with a sweet flavor. This is a purebred Wapiti raised by small independent farmers near their native ranges in New Zealand. They are pasture raised on grass and leaves. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used when raising these animals.

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Elk meat tastes similar to beef but is a little milder and sweeter. The USDA National Nutrient Database shows that raw wild elk provides 94 calories, 1.2 grams of fat (0.5 grams saturated), 19.5 grams of protein, and 47 milligrams of cholesterol for a 3-ounce serving.

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