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Beef Flank Steak

Buy Beef Flank Steak Webel B.V. Trading LTD beef Flank Steak is a delicious high-quality Grass Fed skirt steak, giving tenders easy-to-cut slices. These ready-to-cook skirt steaks are fully trimmed & ready to grill! The Beef Flank Steak has the same texture as the Belly of Pork & is easy to cook on the Barbecue or in a pan. At approximately 350-650g & 700 g- 1.1 Kg is excellent value for money. We ship all over the world


Buy Beef Flank Steak
Buy Beef Flank Steak or Bavette de Flanchet as it is called on the continent is a delicious cut that is lean & tender, perfect for a family to share at home. The Beef Flank Steak as the name suggests is cut from the flank or sides of the cow.

These are almost oval in shape & approximately 2-3 cm thick & 15-20 cm long. Our expert butchers remove all fat from the outside of the steak so that you don’t have to do any trimming at home.

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The clear recyclable pouches are helping to reduce our carbon footprint because we are now using stronger thinner bags, reducing the amount of plastic used. We actively encourage our customers to recycle responsibly as this is the most important link in the recycling chain, getting all the packaging back into being recycled.

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All our production facilities are of the highest standards & are BRCGS Approved to produce the safest meat cuts possible. The butchers & production staff all wear fully protective clothing, with mandatory health checks before commencing work. The cutting & packing rooms are all deep cleaned daily to reduce any cross-contamination from natural bacteria found in meat.

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